FS: UUC Sealed Cartridge Bearing Upgrade

Drivers Seat
I've got a UUC sealed cartridge bearing. Never been used (hasn't even been out of the bag). Purchased some other parts from them and got this. Will only work with thier shifter kit (will not fit a stock shifter). Awsome upgrade! They list it on their website for $25 plus shipping. I'll sell it for $25 shipped. Fits 95% of their shifter kits.

What is a sealed cartridge bearing?

A sealed cartridge bearing is an assembly which consists of multiple parts. There is an inner and outer bearing race, the ball bearings, the seals and of course, the grease. The beauty of a sealed cartridge bearing is that it does not rely on other surfaces or materials to move as its completely self-contained. Dirt and water can't get in since it's closed off on both sides and it's all steel construction makes it impervious to molecular changes from heat, which can weaken, or cause than softer metals and plastic resins to become brittle.

(taken from the UUC website)